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We are a film and media production company located just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. With over 25 years of operation in an industry inundated with change, Chelsea Road is recognized for delivering quality content that entertains, engages and inspires viewers of all ages. 


Chelsea Road has created and produced broadcast series, music specials, documentaries and children's programs that have been broadcast on Canada's Family (Disney) Channel, the CTV Network, APTN, YesTV and international networks in France, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany and the UK. Need a creative partner for next project? Let's talk!


Chelsea Road can provide full production management from script to screen and everything in-between. Our knowledge of Canadian tax-credits and other domestic production incentives make Chelsea Road a great choice for USA producers and distributors looking to work in Canada. We'll assemble an amazing production team to deliver your project and bring dollars to the table to help you get it made.. Whether it's a documentary, animated children's program or feature film... we're here and ready to talk.   


In addition to film and television, we are also recognized for original music composition and production. From artist-driven albums to television themes and film soundtracks, the company has a trophy-case of awards demonstrating success in this category. If music is a vital part of your vision - you've come to the right place.


We want to produce great content that is inspiring and family friendly

Stories of faith, hope and love that can encourage viewers of all ages to make our world a better place. (Besides, there are plenty of folks working on that other stuff and we're happy to follow the beat of a different drummer.) Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better!  

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