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Our History

Formed in 1990 by Bruce Stacey, Chelsea Road Productions Inc. is an award-winning production company that has produced internationally released broadcast series, animated films, documentaries,  music recordings and state of the art multi-media exhibits for five World Exhibitions. During the period 1990 - 2010, Chelsea Road operated as a broadcast production house with a full animation department,  recording studios, editing facilities and thirty full time employees.

From 2010 until 2015, Chelsea Road Productions Inc. (and Stacey) worked for and in partnership with the Crossroads Global Media Group, where Stacey served as Chief Content Officer and President of Tricord Media Inc. giving oversight to original content development and Tricord Media Inc's license distribution. 

Today Chelsea Road employs a dynamic, project-based model with teams ranging from 5 to 50 people depending upon the nature of  production. Contact us today to learn more!